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Plaid Hat Games Previews Villains from Stuffed Fables

The plushie characters in Stuffed Fables are protecting their sleeping girl from being harmed. But what are they protecting her from, exactly? What are these dangers out there? Well, they're Crepitus (brother of The Man in the Moon) and his army of minions. In this preview from Plaid Hat, get a look at them, so you can know what you're confronting each night.

From the post:

Every great story has a villain - a character whose unwholesome passion for creating strife drives the heroes to rise to their highest potential in an effort to protect what they hold dear. In Stuffed Fables, that character is Crepitus.

Now to be perfectly honest, Crepitus is just doing his job. His talents are opposite to his brother's, and while his brother’s world is bright and glimmering, Crepitus rules over a fearsome land called the Fall, and that is a place nobody would want to visit.