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Plaid Hat Games Previews Theadora From Stuffed Fables

An upcoming game that's gotten some real attention lately is Stuffed Fables from Plaid Hat Games. It's the adventure gamebook where players collectively tell a story using the book as a rules guide, game board, and more. Players will take on the role of different stuffed animals and their adventures in the night. The first preview for the game is Theadora, the adventurous teddy bear.

From the preview:

“Oh, I don’t like this at all,” squealed Lumpy. “We’re lost and it ’s cold and dark.” “Don’t worry about that,” Theadora said sternly. “Think of our poor little girl, who is also in the dark and who is also feeling cold.”

Hello everyone, and welcome to our first preview for Stuffed Fables! Periodically, we will be picking a character from the game and turning the spotlight on them. The first stuffy in our lineup is the brave-hearted Theadora Stuffins.