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Plaid Hat Games Previews Stitch for Stuffed Fables

Many of us have had a stuffed animal that got loved to the point of needing some repairs. Hugs and cuddles can lead to requiring some stitching or a new panel sewn on. But such damage might not have been due to hugs, but to the nightly battles that the plushie fought to protect you while you slept. In Stuffed Fables, one such plushie is named Stitch. We get a preview of them here from Plaid Hat Games.

From the post:

Each stuffy hero in Stuffed Fables represents a unique expression of their little girl’s personality, but Stitch is a little bit different. Stitch is an heirloomer - a special toy that is passed down from generation to generation. Stitch is homemade from old socks and rags, and stitched together long ago by a caring hand. In the little girl’s eyes, Stitch is a lot like her grandpa – kind, wise, and able to grouch while giving you a wink at the same time. Stitch represents the girl’s heritage, and her connection to her extended family.