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Plaid Hat Games Previews Shadow Clan For Crystal Clans

I... I'm attacking the darkness!
In this case, that's not such a silly saying, as Plaid Hat Games is looking to expand your options in Crystal Clans with the Shadow (The Shadow! The Shadow!) Clan. But what do these sneaky rogues bring to the battlefield? In this preview, we get an in-depth look at just that.

From the post:

Welcome back to another Crystal Clans preview! Today we’re taking a look at the second new expansion deck, the Shadow Clan. I’m also super excited to get the opportunity to write this preview since this is my favorite deck to play in Crystal Clans. Most clans excel in battle by first constructing full squads, but Shadow Clan units prefer to work alone. Let's take a look at a few of their units and and their awesome unique ability!