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Plaid Hat Games Previews Flops From Stuffed Fables

Many people are excited for the upcoming Stuffed Fables storytelling game from Plaid Hat. It's gotten quite the reaction over on our social network sites. So you should be excited to know that a new preview has been posted. This time, we get a look at another of the fuzzy creatures that you can play as in the game. Say hello to Flops the bunny.

From the preview:

Each stuffy hero in Stuffed Fables represents a different expression of their little girl’s personality, and Flops is no different. Quick with a joke or an ironic observation, Flops represents the little girl’s playful wit. She can always count on flops to lift her mood or when she’s feeling silly, a quick toss of the bunny’s long flouncy ears is all she needs to be sent into a fit of giggles.