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Plaid Hat Games Previews Fang Clan For Crystal Clans

Well, I mean, just shy of a bear clan, I would want to be part of the puppy clan in Crystal Clans. Though I'm not entirely sure the Fang Clan appreciates being called the puppy clan... maybe they'd be ok with doggo clan? I don't know. But these clan members are more than the happy scrappy hero pups, they're wolf warriors, and we get a preview of them here today.

From the post:

Hello, Crystal Clans fans! My name is Jeffrey Berman and I'm the lead playtester for Crystal Clans. Today I'm going to be showing off some of the awesome new units coming up in Fang, Leaf, Shadow and Feather Clan! We'll be exploring all of the awesome units found in these clans over the next few weeks. Remeber, all four clans are available now for preorder on the Plaid Hat Games webstore. Let's go ahead and kick off this series of previews with a closer look at the Fang Clan! The Fang Clan is unrivaled in strength and toughness, but power is nothing without discipline. Order is maintained by their strong leaders, the Alphas.