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Plaid Hat Games Posts New Warring Colonies Preview

The end of civilization is bad enough. You've survived so far, but resources aren't going to last the winter if they're spread too thin. The various survivors are banding together and now attacking one-another in order to survive. That's what's happening in Warring Colonies, the upcoming expansion for Dead of Winter. Plaid Hat Games has posted up another preview of what you can expect in this new set.

From the preview:

The men have you backed into an alley. Stinging blood runs into your eyes, and you realize you won’t survive this encounter. But before you can beg for your life, you hear someone call out, “Desist, evil-doer! This citizen is under the protection of… The Enforcer!”

For owners of both Dead of Winter and Dead of Winter: The Long Night, Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies offers a team vs. team variant for 4-11 players. The past two weeks we have previewed the exciting features of this new variant, including combat and simultaneous turns, as well as the new objectives and shared crises. But this variant is far from the only feature you will find in the box. Warring Colonies introduces new survivors, items, crises, and crossroads that can be used to expand ANY game of Dead of winter. Today we will be taking a look at these new survivors and items.