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Plaid Hat Games Posts New Stuffed Fables Preview

Stuffed Fables is a new type of storytelling game where the game book, itself, is the scene for all the action. Players will move their figures on the book's pages, even as it tells them how the scenarios they're playing goes. But how does that all work, exactly? In this preview, Plaid Hat Games tells us just how these mechanics work on the game table.

From the post:

The stuffies all gathered at the foot of the bed around Mr. Stitch, and offered up the stories they wanted to hear. “Tell the story of the time you woke up in the Lost and Found,” gasped Lumpy. “We’ve heard that one a million times,” protested Flops. “I want to hear the one about where lost socks go!”

But Mr. Stitch held up his hands for silence. “Tonight...” he said slowly, “we will hear a different tale. Perhaps the scariest one I have yet to relate.” Lumpy squealed and grabbed hold of Piggle. “I am talking,” Stitch continued, “about the Slumber Party of Doom!”

Stuffed Fables features an imaginative world beautifully illustrated and sculpted and an engaging rule set. But when gamers see Stuffed Fables on the table, the first thing to catch their eye might be the game’s Storybook – a 104-page narrative world, scenario guide, and game board, all in one.