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Plaid Hat Games Posts New Guardians Preview

At the center of a game of Guardians are the Guardians (it's kind of right there in the name). In this first preview for the game, Plaid Hat Games goes right in with a look at how these Guardians cards work, how other cards work with them, and what other things you can expect them to work like.

From the post:

Welcome to the first preview for Guardians! We’re very excited to give you another glimpse into this world of mighty heroes and tactical battles! Today we’ll be exploring heroes, their power decks and ultimate cards, along with how you combine these cards to form your team. One of the most unique aspects of Guardians is how players combine the power decks of their heroes to form their draw deck for the game. While each hero has the same number of power cards, their abilities and effects are completely unique, so players will never play the same game twice! Here’s an example of a hero card up close: