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Plaid Hat Games Posts New Crystal Clans Previews

Plaid Hat Games has a lot to show off for Crystal Clans. They've got an in-depth look at the Puppy Clan... I mean Doggo Clan... I mean Puppers Clan... I mean Fang Clan. They're also happy to announce another pair of clans for the game, the Fire and Light clans.

Welcome back to this week's Crystal Clans preview! In our first Fang Clan preview, we looked at a number of Alpha units within the Fang Clan. But a clan can’t function if everyone is a leader. Today, we’ll meet the workhorses (errr, workdogs) who will help the Fang Clan assert their dominance.


Hello, Crystal Clans fans! We hope you're enjoying exploring the six clans of the base game so far, and don't forget that we're in the midst of previews for Fang, Shadow, Leaf and Feather Clans as we speak! That's certainly a lot of units to keep an eye on, but we decided we'd add even more clans to the mix with today's announcement! Two new clans, Light and Fire, will be available soon from retailers and our own web store! Let's take a closer look at these two dynamic clans and how they bring their own unique heat to the battlefield.