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Plaid Hat Games Posts New Ashes Preview

Two new decks are soon to be hitting shelves for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. What new options will be made available? What new characters can you play? In this preview, we get a small taste of both of those. Harold Westraven is the Phoenixborn in Darmas, and it's his deck and play style that we get a look at in this article.

From the preview:

Greetings, Ashes players! It is preview season again! We have recently announced the next two Ashes Expansion Decks and I am here to kick off the previews with an introduction to The Demons of Darmas expansion! This deck features Harold Westraven, the Phoenixborn of Darmas. Harold uses a combination of Ceremonial and Sympathy magic to summon dark, twisted creatures and augment the features of these minions and even himself! On their surface, these folks are a charismatic bunch, but underneath lies plenty of sinister secrets waiting to be uncovered! Let's take a look at what Harold can do.