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Plaid Hat Games now taking pre-orders for Mice and Mystics & previews Dungeon Run 2

Plaid Hat Games has revamped their website and along with it, they've got some other announcements. First is that they're taking pre-orders for Mice & Mystics, a cooperative storytelling game.

The new website brings with it the official unveiling of Mice and Mystics, Plaid Hat’s new storytelling adventure game. The oversized box comes packed with miniatures, tiles, cards, dice, and a storybook with 11 exciting chapters. Players take the roles of mousey loyalists fighting to free their kingdom from the clutches of a vile sorceress. The game’s announcement comes with a hefty 33% discount and 2 promotional cards for those who preorder the game from the Plaid Hat Website.

Also, they've got a preview of Dungeon Run 2.

Also on the web site is a preview of the upcoming Dungeon Run 2. Check out the preview to see new art as well as a devious peek at all the new ways players will be able to betray their friends. New tiles, horrible monsters, and fiendish traps are all discussed. Dungeon Run 2 can act as a standalone product, or be a fun way to customize your existing Dungeon Run game sessions.