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Plaid Hat Games Joins F2Z Entertainment

Gen Con is a place where a lot of companies make a lot of big announcements. Some are things we've heard rumors of before. Others are just sort of out of the blue. This is the second category. Granted, being surprised by something like this doesn't mean it's bad, of course. This is pretty awesome news, as Plaid Hat Games will be joining up with the F2Z Entertainment group.

About the announcement, Colby Dauch of Plaid Hat Games said, "Plaid Hat Games has always put a strong focus on the design and process of making board games and the skill set of the team at Plaid Hat Games reflects that focus. As Plaid Hat Games has grown, the other aspects of the board game publishing business have devoured more and more of the team's time and attention. This acquisition by F2Z Entertainment allows the Plaid Hat Games' team to turn their attention back to what they do best as they are bolstered by a super-star production, logistics, sales and marketing team that will have a fast impact on game players around the world having reliable access to the games we create"

Sophie Gravel, the President of F2Z Entertainment went on to say, "This acquisition will give the actual and forthcoming titles a wider and deeper reach into the national and international markets over all media support."

Plaid Hat will still be located in Dallas and will still have the same design teams. This does mean, though, that their games will be more available worldwide. New releases will be available in French, German, and Dutch.