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Plaid Hat Games Announces Warring Colonies Expansion for Dead of Winter

When resources get scarce, people gather together to work as a team to survive. But what happens when to competing groups are looking to get the same resources? There might not be enough to go around. And so, even with all the other things that are happening, the groups have to fight with one-another. That's just what you'll be doing in the upcoming expansion for Dead of Winter. It's called Warring Colonies.

From the preview:

Warring Colonies comes with a mountain of content, much of which supports the new team variant for 4-11 players, in which two colonies compete over the same locations for limited resources and power.

In the Warring Colonies variant, unique main objectives set two colonies against each other as they battle for territory with a new fighting system that includes tactics cards, bullet tokens, and 12-sided combat dice. New and terrible joint-colony crisis cards force cooperation and coercion every round. And the odd-man-out Lone Wolf adds chaotic balance as she pursues her own secret goals while keeping both colonies in check.