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Plaid Hat Games Announces Two New Upcoming Games

Plaid Hat Games has announced that they're working on two new games to be released soon. The first, slated for Gen Con, is Ashes: Rise of the Phoenix. This is a hybrid card/dice game, where players play as powerful wizards vying to become a god. Each player gets a customizable deck to represent their character's abilities. There will be standard and draft versions of the game available. The other is Tail Feathers, which will be set in their popular Mice and Mystics world. You play as a mouse (or a rat) and you're flying around on a bird, attacking other mice (or rats). Because... why not? Sounds pretty sweet to me. That game is currently in playtesting.

Video interview with The Dice Tower below the cut.

First is Ashes, which is aiming for a GenCon release. This 2-4 player customizable game takes place in the world of the Phoenixborn, powerful magic wielders who are fighting to become gods. Each deck is infinitely customizable, and you can also build a pool of the custom dice that come with the game. Six Pheonixborn are included out of the box each with their own deck. With base deck, customized deck and draft deck formats as well, this back-and-forth game is a deep well to explore. Keep your eye out for tons of info on Ashes in the next few months right here at leading up to its release.

Second is Tail Feathers. Taking place in the Mice and Mystics universe, it's mice and rats. On birds. Fighting each other. We're talking bird miniatures, and mice miniatures on top of them that can be switched in and out, both with their own abilities and skills. Pure awesomeness.

Isaac mentioned playtesting in the video. We are now using the Plaid Hat Corps to source our playtesting, and its been great for everyone involved. If you want a chance to apply for our next playtesting opportunity, make sure you're signed up for the Plaid Hat Corps, and you'll get an e-mail when it happens.