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Plaid Hat Games Announces Stuffed Fables Storytelling Game

Just about everyone, when they were a kid, had some sort of stuffed animal that was their favorite. Maybe a stuffed bear or dragon or tiger or something. You know, the Hobbs to your Calvin. And, like Calvin, you probably went on some epic adventures (either real or imaginary) with them. Well, Plaid Hat Games is letting you relive those with Stuffed Fables, a new StoryBoard game from the creator of Mice and Mystics.

From the announcement:

Plaid Hat Games is proud to announce our latest epic experience – Stuffed Fables –a cooperative story and game system lovingly crafted by Jerry Hawthorne, designer of Mice and Mystics.

Stuffed Fables is a StoryBoard Game – an exciting new product line from Plaid Hat Games. In a StoryBoard Game all of the action takes place in the unique storybook – a book that acts as your rules reference, story guide, and game board, all in one!