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Plaid Hat Game Posts New Ashes Preview

Two new decks are coming out soon for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn from Plaid Hat Games. They've given us a look at one of the decks. Now it's time to check out the other. Get yourself a peek at Sembali Grimtongue and all the things she's capable of doing.

From the post:

Welcome back, Ashes players! Earlier this week we saw the preview of Harold Westraven for the Ceremonial/Sympathy Expansion Deck. Today we are going to dive into the Spirits of Memoria Expansion Deck! This deck features the winning Phoenixborn from the War Within Tournament series; Sembali Grimtongue Sembali uses Illusion and Divine magic to recall the spirits of lost allies and banish the imperfect magical conjurations of Argaia. Let's see what Sembali can do!