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Plague Zombie Mega Deal and new photos

Mantic knows you can never have enough zombies, so they've added a mega deal to their webshop.



From the post:

This month sees the highly anticipated release of our Plague Zombies kit! It must be said that zombies as a whole are a fairly well-trodden ground, so what excites me about this particular brand of the walking dead?

In true Mantic fashion we've put together a humongous, great-value-for-money bundle of Zombie sprues, where you can build over 75 figures! All for just £49.99/$79.99.

The new Plague Zombies have the same fittings as our Kings of War fantasy Zombies and Ghouls, and with this bundle you can combine the sci-fi zombie sprues with the ghouls and Kings of War zombies to convert and customise your figures with the legs, heads and arms for even more variety and flexibility amongst your horde!