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Plague: Land of the Dead zombie board game on Kickstarter

Plague: Land of the Dead is a new cooperative zombie board game for 2-5 players up on Kickstarter. An interesting aspect of this game is that it's diceless. So no coming up with the perfect zombie survival plan only to have fate say, "no, suckas!" and have you roll all 1s at the crucial moment. Collect gear to cure the zombie epidemic or end up just another of the shambling brain-eaters.
This is a long campaign, with 56 days to go in order to reach their goal.


From the campaign:

Plague : Land of the Dead

- A cooperative Zombie Game for 2-5 Players -

Survive an undead apocalypse and deliver the cure to eliminate the pandemic.

Players work together to save humanity from near certain doom.

Simulating Hordes of Zombies migrating throughout a metropolis, players move through the city attempting to combine elements of a cure to eliminate the Zombie infestation.

Each Player chooses a different Role to play for the game with a variety of different abilities and carrying capacities.

Gather Weapons, Equipment, and Vehicles

Store Supplies: Food, Ammo, Medicine, and Fuel in Hideouts

No Dice - No Complicated Rules - Easy and Fun to Play

With Five Roles to choose from players must develop different strategies every game in order to fight off the multitude of zombie hordes.

The funds will be used to mass produce the game, marketing and board game conventions, shipping and storage.

The first one hundred people who pledge this a dollar will receive a printable digital copy so they can print and make their own Plague: Land of the Dead ... happy pledging