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PK-Pro releases new model snow powder and crushed glass

PK-Pro helps you make your models and terrain look like the Midwest after yesterday's storm rolled through (record snowfalls in my old home of Collinsville, IL.) with their new model snow powder and crushed glass.

From the update:

Model-Snow-Powder Set (Model Snow Powder + Crushed Glass) for realistic mud, powder and deep snow effects.

The advantages of PK Model Snow Powder:
- Chemically inert! No reaction to or with colours, super glue, wood glue, water or other chemicals!
- No colour fade! No yellowing!
- Abrasion-resistant if applied professionally.
- Can be fixed with varnish.
- Glitter efect can be improved with PK Crushed Glass.

Delivery content: 50 mL (ca. 90 g) of Model Snow Powder + 50 mL (ca. 60 g) of Crushed Glass.