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Pit Dogs Previewed For Bushido

There's a little bit of everything going on in this update from GCT Studios, actually. The dogs are just the first part of it. About them, we all know that dog fighting isn't a good idea in the real world. However, we also know that running people through with swords or shooting fireballs from your hands at them isn't a good idea. Just remember that. Anyway, GCT is showing off the new Pit Dogs for Bushido.

As you can see, the puppies are only the first part of the update. The next is that they've posted the stat cards for Naigubu from the Tengu Descension for you to check out. Looks like Master Ekusa has a counterpart among the bird people. Then there's a look at the little scenario piece that you can pick up from GCT at the various shows they go to. The next one of those will be Salute.