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Pirates of the 7 Seas Now Available

Though board games have been around for... well... thousands of years, there's always different mechanics and innovations that are being made. Sure, we've got the melding of the tabletlop and the technical with some games integrating tablets and so forth. But sometimes you see a bit of a different mechanic that's all within the game box. Such is the case with Pirates of the 7 Seas, now available from IDW and Pandasaurus.

The game may seem straightforward: be a pirate, get the booty, have the most to win. But the game is also a bit dexterity-based, as where you roll the dice on the board matter as much as what the dice say, themselves. Those dice represent your pirate ships, after all. So just rolling well won't win you the game. You've also got to have a good eye and skill to get them right where you need them.

You can pick up the game now from your local retailer or the IDW webshop.