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Pirate Viking Painting launches ClixFix service

Pirate Viking Painting is now offering a repainting service for HeroClix figures. ClixFix From their announcement:
Pirate Viking Painting is proud to announce a new service for collectors of the popular HeroClix range of figures. Our ClixFix service strips the thick 'Clix paint from the miniature exposing the detail that the sculptor intended to be seen. We then repaint them and even rebase them onto more traditional wargaming bases should this be required. This service is aimed at two groups of gamers. Those who have built up a collection of 'Clix figures and are keen for their valuable veterans to look like their worth. Alternatively those who - like us at Pirate Viking Painting - have never given 'Clix figures a second glance because of the pre-painted schemes. Head over to Pirate Viking Painting's blog for more pictures or to the price list to order your models.