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Pinups of Death collection available from Kingdom Death

Kingdom Death has a new Pinups of Death hard plastic collection available for a special price over in their webshop.


From the release:

I am thrilled to introduce the very first Kingdom Death hard plastic kit. As a big thank you to our fans we have decided to launch the kit at an optional discount for the first 48 hours.

Hard Plastic Pinup Collection
Packaged in a deluxe kraft wrapped box printed with original artwork by Lokman Lam. Each box contains remastered hard plastic versions of the first 8 pinups ever released by Kingdom Death and a matte black envelope with an art card for each pinup and a promo Kingdom Death: Monster settlement event card and gear card. Players of the upcoming game may optionally add these fun promo’s to their campaign if their gaming group agrees.

A lot of love and care has gone into the translation process moving this figures into plastic. This includes a brand new Pinup Forsaker and parts to create the popular variant Pinup Savior.

Slender Man – Resin Collectors Edition
Hand sculpted by Jacques Alexandre Gillois the dreaded Slender Man is available in resin. Not to be confused with the plastic version of the Slender Man that will go out later this year with backers rewards. This resin collectors edition contains no game rules and is for advanced hobbyists.