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Pins of War posts The Imperial Knight Companion – Review

Pins of War gave you their thoughts on the model, but what about the book? Well, now you can find out with their Imperial Knight Companion Review.


From the review:

Releasing the new Imperial Knights for Warhammer 40K, Games Workshop gave it their all. Not only is there the new miniature and the new Codex, there is also The Imperial Knight Companion, a pure collectors book of Art, Heraldry, Pictures and Background.

Games Workshop did a lot of picture and art books in their time. Heraldry books aren’t uncommon in Warhammer Fantasy either.

Still, among these, the Imperial Knight Companion is without doubt one of Games Workshop’s best eye-candy products so far… it’s a genuine 40K coffee table book; absolutely stunning to look at. I only wish the writing would’ve been a tad more engaging.