Pins of War Interviews Ted Terranova from Rivet Wars

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jan 6th, 2013

Pins of War posted up an interview they did with Ted Terranova about Rivet Wars, the new game up on Kickstarter (that’s doing fantastically, I might add).

From the interview:

The Rivet Wars Kickstarter launched with great success.

In an interview with Pins of War, Ted Terranova – the man behind Rivet Wars talks about his inspiration for the game and miniatures, his partnership with CoolMiniOrNot and about his plans for the future.

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  • The Grey Knight

    Anyone else look at the box to this and say.. hey that looks like the 80s GIjoe boxes……

  • lordofexcess

    Given the track record of Kickstarter lately with minis oriented games … I’m sure this will pull in 20 million … easy. It seems like as long as they have decent depiction of the minis … instant success.

    • PanzerKraken

      Yea and they do so often without even any rules posted up. Kingdom Death is a good example, almost bought in but once the gameplay vids came out, I was instantly turned off. What a fiddly and boring combat system that has needlessly too many steps.

      Already regret a few kickstarted projects I supported, so going to take a lot more to get me to invest in any. Perhaps more of this will be seen after folks spend a ton on all these kickstarters and if they go sour.

      Rivet wars looks interesting though, I’ll keep and eye on it for a bit before going forward on it.

  • I felt the same way about Kingdom Death. Beautiful minis, terrible system. Or at least to me; I’m sure others will love it, but I’m all about streamlined rules these days.

    This looks neat, although I do have to admit I haven’t watched the gameplay vid yet. After I do I may not feel the same way. That and after dropping a large chunk of change on Dreadball, I’m on a wife-suggested boycott of Kickstarter.