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Pinnacle Entertainment Group running Kickstarter for Weird Wars Rome, an RPG setting book for Savage Worlds

Pinnacle Entertainment Group is running a Kickstarter campaign for their Weird Wars Rome book for Savage Worlds.

From the campaign:

Her legions strode forth from the center of civilization—west to England, east to Asia, north to Germany, south to Egypt—and conquered most of the known world. In their travels, the Legions found things that would be disbelieved by slave, citizen, and senator alike. War elephants, wild dervishes, and creatures beyond description met them at every turn.

The glory of the Empire spread to the corners of the earth, but its shadow found even darker places—and things—that defied record.

Join the forces of Rome and battle through the ages against her enemies. Discover the terrible secrets left out of the history books. Save your shieldmates. Save the Empire.