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Pilgrims of Rao Core Guidebook Up On Kickstarter

Despite what the ending of Ghostbusters taught us, it's probably not going to turn out well when humanity takes on the gods. And while society wasn't taken down by a giant marshmallow man (or maybe it could've been, I've not read the whole book yet), the populace in the Pilgrims of Rao has been shattered and scattered, just now barely hanging on. It's up to you and your other party members to try and figure out what, exactly happened, and perhaps finish the job by challenging Rao, itself.

Pilgrims of Rao is a new tabletop RPG that's up on Kickstarter and looking for some funding love. The game plays 2-9 players and unlike many RPGs, no DM is required to play this one. The game book includes charts to help you randomly create the game world and the monsters you'll face each session, so no two times you play will be exactly the same. You can choose to either play a long campaign, or set yourself up for just a one-shot, so it's great for things like conventions or other get-togethers where you might not have time to play a whole campaign.

As for the Kickstarter campaign, it's a bit more than 1/3 funded, but don't worry, there's still 27 days left on the clock to jump in.