Pike & Shotte Highlander reinforcements released

Lochbar Axes FTWWarlord Games have released new Highlanders for their PIke and Shotte English Civil War range.

From their announcement:
The hairy, plaid-wearing savages from North of the border are being reinforced this month with two new packs of troops. A pack of 6 Scots with lethal Lochaber Axes and another with 6 Highlanders Bowmen will give extra punch to your army.

Lochaber is an area of Scotland where the locals had developed a very fearsome poleaxe indeed. Cheap to make and deadly in use, it could cut a man in two, destroy a horse or be used to drag a man out of the saddle to be finished off at leisure..

Axes not your thing? Need some long range support for you Clansmen? No problem, a blister of 6 Highlander Bowmen should do the trick. The Longbow had finally been supplanted by the musket in all of Europe by this period clinging on only in the wild Highlands of Scotland. Montrose’s men frequently carried the bow, indeed there are reports of up to 400 bowmen with Lord Kilpont at one battle though more commonly we imagine them to have been carried within clan units.

These figures and more can be found on our website.