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Pike & Shot & Zombies rules available from Wargame Vault

 Rancid Renaissance coverAB One Games have released their Pike & Shot & Zombies historical/horror rules. From their announcement:
In a world already used to plagues, pestilence, famine and war, things have just got a whole lot worse. Now even the dead won’t lie still in their graves. The corpses from a hundred battlefields have risen up and are now intent of devouring the last few remaining flickers of life in this truly accursed land. Pike & Shot & Zombies is a post-apocalyptic survival game in a ravaged Renaissance world where small bands of survivors battle the hordes of the undead in a desperate bid to prolong their miserable lives for a few moments more. Each player will control one or two survivors and must withstand the fiendish scenario created by the umpire. The rules include a detailed profile of each survivor character explaining their attributes and skills. A fearsome array of armaments are available - the finest of black-powder technology - not to mention the best of the stabbing, hacking, impaling, smashing, crushing and slicing - close combat weapons available to the Renaissance soldier.
But the survivors will need to be prepared, a terrifying array of undead creatures are arrayed against them. The rules describe a variety of different undead threats, from slow, stupid and frankly rather confused zombies, to faster moving more predatory undead creatures and even grossly fat zombies that can explode infections zombie goo all over an unlucky survivor. To make matters worse for the survivors, the umpire has at their disposal an extensive deck of “event-cards”. These create a wide variety of unforeseen, awkward and even downright dangerous situations that can trip up the most prepared band of survivors - from fumbling weapon handling and misfires, accidental powder explosions, to bad omens and even accusations of witchcraft. And to start players off, there are two starter missions included and guidelines for creating your own testing and terrifying scenarios using the Pike & Shot & Zombies rules.