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Pigsmoke RPG Up On Kickstarter

Ey! You's a wizard, Tony!
It's like the New York version of that famous phrase. Why New York? Because Pigsmoke, the RPG about life at a wizarding school takes place in the US. But you won't be taking the role of students, but the faculty. It's a new RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Step into the shoes of the faculty of Pigsmoke School of Sorcery, America's finest learning institution for the magically gifted. Teach classes, publish research, and try to navigate the cutthroat world of academia when the demons are real, the auditors are constructs of pure order, and imposter syndrome might just mean you're a doppelganger.

Students exist to make your life difficult. Your department head is an arch-conservative taskmaster who leans on you to make their department look good. The Dean's Office wants to ensure you're following all of their ridiculous rules. The bursar won't give you any money, your peers want their names ahead of yours on your latest paper, and your personal life is a garbage fire. Chase tenure, avoid burnout, and try to resist the urge to go adventuring: like all get-rich-quick schemes, it'll probably just end with a humiliating death.