Pig Iron supports Tomorrow’s War

Pig Iron Productions will be working with Ambush Alley Games to support the Tomorrow’s War rules with their figure ranges.

Tomorrow's War and Pig Iron

From their announcement:

Pig Iron are pleased to announce their support of Tomorrows War from Ambush Alley Games. 

The many gamers who have downloaded the pdf so far will have noticed some of our figs and vehicles gracing the pages. This involvement is set to grow over the coming months working towards the full release of the hardcopy. 

We are currently working closely with the guys at AA working out how our ranges can be used for some of the various factions currently under development. Its all early days at the moment so we don’t want to give the game away but needless to say, we are very excited on how things are going so far.

For more information on Tomorrows War and to get hold of the download visit www.ambushalleygames.com.


Simon – Pig Iron