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Pig Iron Productsion shows up new releases for Salute

Pig Iron Productions is another of the vendors that'll be at Salute and they'll have their new releases available with them at the show.

From the announcement:

New Near Future packs from Pig Iron

This month at Salute sees the release of 4 new head packs for our Near Future range. These packs have been designed to work with our Near Future Trooper sprues (as shown in the pics) and give gamers loads of new options to design their forces just as they like them.

The new head packs are:
HD.22 - Ballistic helmets with gasmasks. £4.50
HD.23 - Mercenaries. £4.50
HD.24 - Berets. £4.50
HD.25 - Boonie Hats. £4.50

At Salute (and next week on our website) they will be available to buy either as a pack of 20 heads or complete with our Near Future Infantry pack (10 heads, 10 legs and 10 torsos for £20.00).

As with all our heads, they are designed to be compatible with most heroic scaled Sci-Fi ranges to offer endless converting opportunities. Also, I have been doing some test conversions with our Kolony Rebel body/leg sprues and they look great as raggedy irregulars - more on this soon on our blog.

More NF releases are being sculpted now so keep checking our blog for more updates.