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Pig Iron Productions posts new WIPs

Pig Iron Productions posted up a whole bunch of wips that they're working on currently. Expect to see final versions of these models in the near future.

From the update:

We thought it was well worth showing you all what we've been up recently. There's been quite a lot of work done to create masters for future sculpts as well as working on more Kolony Rebels squad leaders.
Our multi-part sprues have gone down a storm which has convinced up this is the way forward with future releases. To go with the new sculpts we've done a better, more detailed rubble sprue with broken machinery etc to add more character to your bases.
For a long time we've also been meaning to update the Heavy Infantry as the sculpts were some of our earliest so the multi-part project has given us a great opportunity to revisit the design but keep the same overall feel, add more detail and make the parts compatible with the Kolony line.
Also, on our radar are more generic Near-Future head, body and leg sprues, again, all fully compatible with the Kolony and Heavy Infantry range.
Enjoy the pics - some sculpts still need plenty of work but they give you a good idea of where we're going.