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Pig Iron Productions Near Future range available now

Pig Iron Productions would like to let you all know about their Near Future range that's now available over on their website.

From the release:

We're pleased to announce that the first packs of our new, Near Future range are available now from our web store.

To get this range started we've created a selection of head, torso and leg sprues that enable you to build squads with an endless variety of poses. The first set of sprues are 'generic infantry' with a range of different weapons and poses. We plan to expand this squad type with more weapon variants, HQ and character poses plus move onto insurgent and more 'irregular' style troops.

As you would expect all these body parts are compatible with each other to give you loads of conversion opportunities.

The sprues are £4.50 each but we've done a full squad for £20 which works out slightly cheaper than buying the sprues separately.