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Pig Iron has pictures of their new models up on their blog

Pig Iron is showing off some of their new models on their blog. They just got them in recently and are excited to show them off. So go take a look.

From the announcement:

At long last here's the first shots of some Kolony Rebels built from our body part sprues.

Each sprue contains five different bodies or legs and come with a mix of battered clothing and weapons. Keen converters will see that the amount of variation you can get even with these first 4 sprues is massive. Couple this with the different heads options and the variations are endless. The legs don't have cast-on bases as we've noticed more and more people have been snipping them off our figs and using fancy decorative resin bases. This will no doubt annoy some people but we think it works ok.

Already on the workbench are non-scruffy legs with kneepads and sidearms, new body armour variants, new weapons and non-gasmasked heads. Eventually we will do greatcoat legs and standard militia bodies and even revisit the heavy infantry range.

Another thing we have done is make the sprue (which is usually thrown away) into piles of small rocks and rubble - these can be snipped up and used to decorate your bases.

These will be available from Tablescape at Salute - Prices to be confirmed.

Painted samples will start appearing on the blog over the next couple of weeks.