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PicoArmor Offers Pre-Painted 3mm Miniatures

PicoArmor now has pre-painted 3mm miniatures available. Man... I don't even want to think about having to try and paint a 3mm model.
Anyway, here's a couple of samples:

From the update:

PicoArmor is pleased to exclusively offer painted 3mm miniatures by Tactical Painting. Our first release is some of the more popular WW2 planes.

We will follow with modern aircraft, as well as painted and based ACW, WW2 and Modern ground forces. These products have their own Painted Miniatures section of the site, and appear as New Products.

We are evaluating which pre-painted miniatures to stock, but please ask for information on any miniature on the site. Tactical Painting has been turning around custom orders in a week or less.