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PicoArmor now has 3mm Building line

PicoArmor acquired the SPC (Simply-6) building line and is making it their own.

From the release:

PicoArmor is pleased to announce our new PicoBuilding 3mm line. This is the former (Simply-6) 3mm Building Line. These are now manufactured in a new resin which is safer and results in crisper detail.

The current offering in this line includes -

S6-300 3mm European farmhouse & stable
S6-301 3mm Stone-built Bridge (Pack of 2)
S6-302 3mm European Store (Pack of 4)
S6-303 3mm European Church
S6-304 3mm Small Mid-Eastern Dwelling (Pack of 4)
S6-305 3mm Terraced houses (4 per pack)
S6-306 Ruin pack (pack of 3 assorted)
S6-307 3mm European street section
S6-308 3mm Dobbins House (Pack of 4)
S6-309 3mm Civil War Era House with annex (Pack of 4)
S6-310 3mm Civil War Era House (Pack of 4)

These miniatures have been sculpted to suit many European and North American based war game eras and are as highly detailed as many 6mm or larger castings. Textures such as roof tiles and wall stonework have been incorporated to make the painting of these tiny items easier.

Please check again soon for our new releases in this line.