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PicoArmor Distributes Hind Commander

Picoarmor now is the exclusive distributor of Hind Commander in North America (and Greenland).

From the announcement:

PicoArmor is pleased to announce that they are the official distributor of Hind Commander in North America (and Greenland).
Hind Commander gives you the remarkable opportunity to lead a strike group of helicopters across the front-line of a modern, hypothetical, conventional conflict. Tank hunting missions, infantry insertions, destroying enemy aircraft to gain superiority over the sky, patrolling supply lines and many more tasks await the brave and cunning commanders!
Hind Commander has a lot of advantages which make playing it fun, challenging and unique:
• A pre-planned orders game mechanic
• Designed for smaller scales, such as 2mm, 3mm or 6mm
• Effective, but easy to master fog of war rules
• Emphasis on the importance of electronic warfare
• Rules for helicopters, airplanes, tanks, soft-skins, infantry, off-table support units and many more
• A card-based stratagem system
• A built-in card-based random battle generator with secret objectives
• A doctrines system, instead of conventional fixed army lists
• A vast, open list of equipment
• A complete rule-set with all markers attached
These features give you significant tactical flexibility. You may snipe enemies with long range guided missiles, mark targets using your recon choppers for an artillery bombardment, simply crush your foe with rockets and machine guns, or disembark infantry and finish the assault with a napalm strike – in a truly classical style!

Retailer inquiries are welcome.