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Pico Armor Announces Oddzial Osmy's December Releases Arrive in the US

Pico Armor is the exclusive North American distributor for Oddzial Osmy, and announces the arrival of their December releases:

From their website:

SA-690 Mi-28N Havoc (8 pcs) - Russian attack helicopter with all-weather ability
SA-691 Ka-50 Hokum (8 pcs) - Single-seat attack helicopter with co-axial rotor system
US-678 M1A2 TUSK (15 pcs) - Abrams with Tank Urban Survival Kit
US-679 M-ATV (15 pcs) - Improved mobility MRAP vehicle
US-680 Cougar 6x6 MRAP (15 pcs) - AFV with MRAP ability

WWH-693 Horch 1a (15 pcs) - All-terrain car
WWH-694 Ju-87D Stuka (8 pcs) - Modified Stuka with new engine
WUS-632 TBD Devastator (8 pcs) - USN torpedo bomber, last used during Midway
WUS-633 SBD Dauntless (8 pcs) - Naval dive bomber

ACW-612 Zouaves I (15 pcs) - Marching poses
ACW-613 Zouaves II (15 pcs) - Command + skirmish stands

SF-1511 Insurgents I (6 pcs) - Armed civilians/militia with assault rifles
SF-1512 Insurgents RPGs (6 pcs) - "RPG" armed civilians/militia

John Siewenie