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Pick up Warmill's May releases early at Salute

Warmill will be headed to Salute and will have their May releases with them, if you'd like to get a hold of them earlier than others, that is.

From the announcement:

Warmill is heading to stand TA12 at Salute this Saturday, where we'll be showing off our next wave of releases with a small number of each available to buy up to a month before the official release, and at a 10% discount!

New products include; the ELMOR SkyLevel set, a 120mm high mega roadway with optional accessories; ORB 2.0, a street vending machine that dispenses body modifications, knowledge or relaxation; Surgery Shack, a large sci-fi doctor lab crammed with interior details; Waste-ation, a sci-fi waste unit with removable bins for scatter terrain; and the SatLink comms array with removable base.