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Print copy of issue of Ravage 11 now available

Ravage Magazine now has issue 11 available in physical form for your reading pleasure.


In this issue:

Ravage US #11 is bringing you some very big news and reviews. Between these gorgeous covers are a number of articles filled with inspiring illustrations and helpful information from an assortment of gaming resources and hobby enthusiasts joining our growing collection of supporters. This issue stocks its pages as if they were stockings by the fire, with several presents just waiting to be unwrapped by our readers. We are happy to present a Ravage-first look at Rivet Wars, penned by the creator of the game itself, just in time for the game’s release. Always happy to showcase new rules yet to see any form of publication, we are proud to announce the first official rules for the Firebrand Revolutionaries in Sedition Wars; complete with statistic cards, counters and an introductory scenario! Our first official foray into Wizkids properties, we have an editor’s review of the Starter Box for Star Trek: Attack Wing, a battle report starring the new forces of Dark Age, and some looks at the happenings over at Tabletop Gaming News! All of that combined with our regular Ravage exclusive looks at some things to come in the gaming community... and we have a happy holidays to us all!