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Photos posted from FiMaJe 2013

FiMaJe 2013, the Figure, Maquette and Gaming show in Southern France was last weekend. Dark Age's head sculptor, Patrick Masson, went and grabbed some photos (pictures below. The link goes to the official photos from the event).
note: The photos below are bigger than usual in order to show off the awesome detail on the minis, by the way.


From Patrick about the show:

Back from the FiMaJe 2013 the Figurines, Maquettes and Games show which took place this last weekend (November 23rd-24th, 2013) in Antibes, in the south of France.

What a great weekend, fantastic organization, nice paintings and sculpts and amazing atmosphere.
During this show you have the chance to find a maquette show, games demonstration and a miniature open show and contest.

The place is great, before the opening of the show you have the time to go around and visit the old part of Antibes with the typical small streets and atmosphere of south east of France with the chance to look at the sea.

During the day, you have the opportunity to play and buy games, buy miniatures, look at fantastic miniatures and have the chance to speak with a lot of many different sculptors and painters like Allan Carrasco, Jose Manuel Palomares Nunez, Valentin Zak, Stephane Camosseto, Christian Hardy, Gautier Giroud, Didier Fancagne, Patrick Masson, Edouard Nègre, Daniel Ipperti, Frédéric Bisseux, Arnold Kovacs and many overs.
Two days with a very friendly atmosphere, in a great place with a great organization (thanks to Antoine Racano and his team).

This FiMaJe deserved its very good reputation and is really a place to be.
Will go next year for sure.