Phebrickid appears from the wilds of Dothmora

Sword & Board Games is showing off the 3D renders for Phebrickid, their new Orc warrior, over on their website.



From the preview:

While work has begun on the 3D printing and molds for the first 14 miniatures. Our sculptor has been busy bringing our concept art to life.

“Phebrickid” (named by our “name the newsletter” competition winner) the Tribal Orc Warrior certainly (in our opinion) looks epic and we are looking forward to bringing him to you as a miniature later this year.

He still has a few minor things that will be tweaked but he looks fantastic. I think I may have to come up with a new backstory for my warband leader now

Don’t get confused when you see “tribal” to mean that Phebrickid is a savage beast with no manners. On the contrary, Phebrickid chose to shun the life of a city dweller and live his days in the wilderness as the ancestors did all those years ago.

Phebrickid lives of the land and on occasion, when he needs silver to pay for weapon repair for example, he may take up paid work with the many warbands fighting in the Shadow War. Hes not fussed who he fights for, as long as he get paid……..