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Phalanx Games Announces Hunger: The Show

Well, it is noon. I could go for some lunch... But that's only part of the game in Hunger: The Show, coming from Phalanx Games. In it, players are contestants on a survival gameshow. You're all on an island, are hungry, and want to escape, with the winner getting $1mil in cash (not, like, actually real-life. Just in the game).

From the announcement:


Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Do you have the wits to survive, with other participants, on a deserted tropical island? Or simply want to win $1,000,000? If so, HUNGER is searching for self-reliant contestants to attempt this bold adventure.

HUNGER is a fast paced family game with rich player interaction. To win, you have to predict your opponent’s actions. On the island, you can gather fruit and catch chickens to get more food. But to win, you also have to collect raft pieces. It's a good thing that no one would ever think of stealing food and raft parts from other participants…

The casting starts at 2nd of June 2017, UK Games Expo, booth H2