Phalanx 2010 Traders list

A list of the traders that will appear at Phalanx 2010 in the UK has been posted.

From their announcement:

Confirmed Traders for Phalanx 2010

A Brush with the War
Ancient & Modern / Donnington Miniatures
Baccus 6mm
Caliver Books
Cuirassier Books
Curteys Miniatures / 1st Corps
David Lanchester Books
Design 28 Miniatures
Fighting 15s
Figures in Comfort
Force of Arms
Forge Games
Gateshead Gaming
Instant Armies & Veteran Miniatures
Ironclad Miniatures
Irregular Miniatures

Kerr & King
Kuriosity Kingdom
Lancashire Games
Lesley’s Bits Box
Magister Militum
Magnetic Displays / Coritini
Mantic Games
Minimi Miniatures
Mutineer Miniatures
Perry Miniatures
Realistic Wargames Ltd
Rumbling Guns
S & A Scenics
Sergeants Mess
Solway Miniatures
Staffordshire Games / Vendal Miniatures
The Dice Shop Online
The Scene
Tiger Miniatures
Tiny Tin Troops
Tumbling Dice
Under The Bed Enterprises
Wargames Supply Dump
West Wind Productions

Any traders who would still have not confirmed please contract Graeme “”