Perrys preview Napoleonic British Cavalry

Perry Miniatures have posted photos of the three-ups for some upcoming 28mm plastic Napoleonic British Cavalary.

From their website:

These, amongst other things, are on my worktable at the moment. I’m showing them to reassure you that I’ve not forgotten the British.

This is will be the first of the plastic British cavalry sets. You will be able to represent British, KGL and Hanoverian Hussars with this box.

There will be 14 figures in the box including an officer and trumpeter. The torsos are fixed to the overalled legs, unlike the French Hussars, but have separate arms again unlike the French. I’m probably going to leave the haversacks and canteens off as they were often worn under the pelisse. This would then allow you to cross-fertilize the British bodies with the French to produce Brits in breaches and French in later overalls if required and also allowing variations in arm poses too. There will be enough arms to make all the figures at the charge or shouldered. The heads will include the unpopular early tall fur cap 14” in height (.) , the later shortened fur cap, peaked shakos and the peaked fur KGL/Hanoverian caps. The useless Paget carbines are covered and lashed to the saddle front. Shown here are four of the six horse halves which will be in the box.

There’s no release date for these yet.