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Perrys preview American Civil War Zouaves

Perry Miniatures have posted photos and details of their upcoming 28mm plastic American Civil War Zouaves.

From their website:
This box will contain 42 zouaves including command. They are represented in full zouave kit, the most colourful uniforms seen on the battlefields of the American Civil War ( zouaves in chasseur breeches will be done in metal). The figures are all advancing rapidly with arms that allow you to depict them all at ?right shoulder shift? or at the more intimidating 'charge'.

Also for all the zouaves both unadorned fezzes and fezzes with turbans (for those units who occasionally used them in the field) are included. Although designed as Federal zouaves they can be painted as Confederate zouaves. The box will also contain painting guide, unit bases and flags.

Shown here are the first sprues straight from the mould. They need a little tweeking and the bboxes eed to be done but they are all on course for release late February. Price £18