Perry’s accepting Go Strong into the Desert pre-orders

Go Strong coverPerry Miniatures are now accepting pre-orders for Go Strong into the Desert, The Mahdist Uprising in the Sudan 1881-1885 A Military History and Uniform Guide.

From their announcement:
Following the string of disasters which befell the Egyptian military in the Sudan from 1881-1884, the Mahdist Uprising obliged a reluctant London government to deploy an array of distinguished officers and regiments. The ensuing string of battles proved to be hercule struggles encompassing some of the most fascinating episodes in nineteenth century military history. Amongst many other incidents Go Strong into the Desert recalls gallant but reckless cavalry charges, the breaking of a British square, the epic struggle to reach Khartoum in time and the heroic death of General Gordon.

Throughout it all the courage displayed by both the Sudanese ansari and the British ‘Tommy’ was never less than astonishing. From the beginning of Muhammad Ahmad’s struggle at Aba Island to the repulse of the Mahdist invasion of southern Egypt in December 1885, Colonel Mike Snook offers his readers comprehensive yet fast paced coverage of a brutal and bloody war.

216 pages packed full of contemporary images both colour and black and white. Out late August 2010 Price £25 + p&p. Postage and packing- UK £3, Europe £5, Rest of the World £9