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Periorbis: The deep space mining board game for 2-6 players up on Kickstarter

Perihelion Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Periorbis, their new worker placement board game. In it, players play as the heads of start-up mining companies and must stretch out into space to obtain the valuable untapped resources that are ripe for the taking. However, the perils of outer space are numerous, and the cunning of your opponents will surely test your skills. The workers available are also never a sure thing. So maintaining as much order as possible amongst the chaos is paramount to your mining company coming out on top.
The campaign is already funded, so it's on to stretch goals for the next 14 days.

From the campaign:

Each person controls a mining start-up. Players must plan ahead, anticipate asteroid orbits, hire workers to leverage their skills and sell ore to make money and keep their business running. All the while trying to keep other players from taking their ore and stealing their business!

Each game of Periorbis is unique. Each player starts with a randomly selected specialist and workers for hire are drawn from a deck. Players can never be certain what specialists will be available and when.

The impact of luck has been deliberately limited to reward skill and planning. The game incorporates several self-leveling mechanisms. These serve to keep the leader on their toes and keep everyone in the game all the way to the end!